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European Shabbat Hachshara

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Hachshara Update - MTA and TSA have started!

Hachshara Update - MTA and TSA have started!

Shalom! After months of preparation, we are excited to finally begin our journey together in Israel! MTA arrived last week, and have been taking part in a seminar arranged by the Australasian Zionist Youth Council, and this morning, Torani South Africa arrived. Bnei ...

 Bnei Akiva Style - Bne Akiva Antwerp, clip

 for shabbat Irgoun 2012

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Shmita & The Holiness Of Material

מטרה-·         החניך יבין מהו מושג השמיטה·         כיצד בעצם ע"י השמיטה אנו מקדשים את החומריות

Hachsharot: Interviews With Italian Bogrim

A promo clip for Bnei Akiva's Hachshara year program in Italian. Come see why YOU should join Hachshara today!